UX as an important part of your agile delivery team

UX as an important part of your agile delivery team

The noteworthy impact design has had on software development in recent times has been indisputable. The market now is absolutely connected, and the network effect means that products with excellent user experiences will go viral, while bad user experiences will have the reverse negative effect.

On many of our projects, the amount of rework is reduced and the adoption of the product is increased when UX principles are applied. The entire software industry is under pressure to compete with the user-centric design approach of the major players, such as Facebook, Airbnb and Uber.

For many local organisations who do not have the generous budgets to match these big brands, adding UX Engineers to an agile delivery team does have a major impact.

At Entelect, we’ve been delivering software solutions for close to two decades. We are guided by our many years as an implementation partner and understand that great UX is a result of a collective effort throughout research, design and development.

We have always cared about seeing our solutions go into production and get the adoption our clients had hoped for. This means we work to understand context, and challenge ideas with the intention to deliver something meaningful and create return on investment.

We also believe in looking beyond the technology, to business processes and other opportunities which may improve experiences or solve problems in smarter ways.

Great UX no longer just a nice-to-have layer added at the end of the development cycle, but a significant aspect embedded right from design phases to delivery. Over the last few years, we have been actively working to bring the voice of the user into software design. We now take ownership throughout product development, and can take a deeper level of accountability than most. This allows us to deliver great solutions and give our customers a competitive advantage.

Entelect is an end-to-end technology services provider delivering custom software across all industry sectors. We help our clients listen to the needs of their users, and create seamless and memorable digital experiences using targeted, data-driven research.

Find us at https://www.entelect.co.za / solutions@entelect.co.za

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